2018 Award Winners


Batsman of the Year: K. Gurunathan

Proposed - G. Murthy





































Bowler of the Year: A. Francies

Proposed - S. Hassett





































The 'Alex Lamb' Fielder of the Year Trophy: J.Hutchinson

Proposed - V. Selvaraj, G. Murthy





































The 'Don Tunbridge' Players' Player of the Year Trophy: G. Murthy (wins it for the a 4th time)



































The 'Jack Younie' Clubman of the Year Trophy  M. Hindle

Proposed - S. Ogilvie, B. Russell, P. Hayward



































The 'Helen Molson' Trophy (Awarded by the Captain): S. Hassett




































The Duck Trophy: S. Hassett



































'Last Man Stands' - Best Batsman:  V. Selvaraj



































'Last Man Stands' - Best Bowler: S. Hassett



































'Last Man Stands' - Most Valuable Player:  J. Hutchinson



































Individual Performance of the Year

K.Gurunathan & P.Hayward share the award for their Club record partnership of 221 vs North London Infernos, beating the 27 year-old previous mark of 210.



































KODAK Moment of the year

K Gurunathan drives through mid off to bring up a 200 run opening stand with P Hayward, on route to the record partnership and a 9 wicket win