The OCC tea making guide.


We charge £45 quid for the tea, which you get back.


What you need.


Sandwich or Roll?


Rolls are easier 2 rolls per head = 44 plus a few spare if you want to go for sandwiches. 4 loaves are enough.


Traditional fillings are a safe bet so go for a mixture of:

· Cheese and Tomato

· Egg Mayo

· Tuna and Sweet corn

· Ham and cucumber


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Pork Pies

Sausage rolls and other savoury snacks.

Choc Bars, Cakes, Biscuits




Tea bags / Coffee. Check this is needed as we often have them.

2 pints milk.

1 big bottle orange squash (2ltr / 4ltr)


Check we have some plastic cups & paper plates. If not a near by pound shop is a good bet.




If the weather is set fair, boil the eggs the day before (6), grate the cheese and mix the tuna sweetcorn. Saves time the next day. Production line is best bet, so get flat mate / long suffering Mrs to help. Takes a good hour – certainly a bit longer for the first time. Best to keep the hangover to a minimum.