The Lord of the keys


The legend of the great set keys states:


In the beginning there was one set of keys. And those keys were the law.


The era of the one keys saw Ogilvie as the key keeper. Many coveted the keys but the key keeper did guard with zeal.


And lo, one year another set of keys did appear. These keys were a mere shadow of the original great set ( as legend saw them become). Ingram was the keeper, his coveting of the keys was less zealous.


All worked to plan for many a season until one day the lock master changed the locks! The great set was dutifully updated. The lesser set, remained an historical anachronism of the great set.


Trouble began.


The lock keepers then changed another lock. Neither the great or lesser set were updated.


The zealous coveting onece employed by the keeper of the great keys waned as his involvement reduced.


Taken from him the by an un-named undividual (probably Andy James) and passed around like a hot potato the exact whereabouts of the greater set is unknown.


Intrigue and rumour abound these mythical keys. Where are they? What do they un lock? Who is Graham? Where is the scoreboard? and am I the only one who finds petes vociforous key based denials suspicious?


The legend continues.....


S.O. 2011